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If you have booked flights online, then you know how easy and quick it is to find cheap flights with the internet. It is just a matter of a little bit of time and a few easy clicks. Indeed, the low airfare is a benefit, but there are a lot of things to consider when going for the right airline as well as travel packages. Read along to learn them.


The season can have a great influence on the availability and price of flight tickets. You can see a big difference in the cost of flight tickets at the time when you make a reservation and at the time when you depart. As an example, booking the flight ticket a few months before Christmas can cost less than booking it on the day of Christmas. Booking flights for holidays can be costly and hence it is preferred to book the flight tickets for the off-season.

It is better to reserve the tickets three or four weeks before you want to fly. You can get the cheapest airfare if you book it on any day between Monday and Thursday.

Travel Destination

The cost of flight tickets can depend on where you are flying to and where you land to reach the destination. Normally, if you are arriving and departing at a larger airport, than the cost of the ticket is going to be lower than a local airport.

When compared to domestic flights, the International flights would be expensive since they involve important layovers as well as additional taxes. Though some airlines incur a lower cost when there are multiple stops, more layovers usually mean more cost.

Time of Departure
The cost of flight tickets is highly influenced by the time when the airplane leaves the airport. Flights that depart early in the morning or late at night are called as Red Eye Flights. These lights are always cheaper when compared to the flights that leave at some other time of the day.

Method of booking

The booking method for your flight ticket has a dramatic influence on the cost. Some airlines charge more when you book the ticket through the phone. So, it is better to use the internet for finding and booking cheap flights. If you book the ticket directly from their websites, then you are going to profit more because most airlines offer discounts for direct booking on websites. You may also go for good travel websites for ticket booking to get the best deals. Never seek travel agencies since they only add to the airfare for making a profit.

Discounts and rebates

While booking the ticket, enquire if there are any discounts available. As an example, a student can benefit from student discounts. However, every airline has different discount schemes and it can be a little bit tricky to find the most suitable with your needs.